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 Abigail Horwits, 19/Hybrid/Taylor Momsen
Abigail Horwits
 Posted: Jun 18 2014, 08:28 PM
character age
21 years old
Musician & Business Owner
New York
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Abigail Rose Horwits
Abigail R. Horwits
age: Turned: 17, Currently:21
birthday: December 19th 1994
job: Musician/ Partner CEO at Horwits International
membergroup: Hybrid
hometown: New York
face claim: Taylor Momsen
Early History

The Horwits family has been well respected among their peers in both business and society for a great many of years, not only among the human world but the supernatural as well. The Horwits family is one of a few families in the Southampton that come from a long lineage of werewolves who see their curse as a gift and are groomed to accept their gift when they come of age.

Edward Horwits brought their family into the public light when he started up his business Horwits International a hedge fund company and major investment firm that brought their family billions. As Edwards company grew so did his connections and his power in the city, he saw advantage in this. He along with other werewolf families of his stature saw to the rise of the werewolf society in New York through decete and manipulation. Seemingly one soild pack when in reality they held their families own interest above all else.

His only aire was his son Johnathan Horwits who he denied position in the company, finding him to be to weak and forcing him to find his own way into society. He eventually became the governor of New York marring a young woman by the name of Isobel Grayson, who gave him four children three boys, and a daughter. She passed only a eight years after giving birth to their daughter Abigail leaving the children to be raised by a handful of nannies.

For the first fifteen years of Abigail's life she felt like she didn't actually exist, always playing the part that had been written out for her. The perfect poster child with her angelic face plastered across the papers, Daddy's little princess. What a perfect web that was weaved to make up such a life, a beautiful lie that brought favoritism towards her father during campaign season. She played the part with such grace bringing life to it, it was all anyone knew of her.

On her sixteenth birthday she was expected to accept her "gift" to stain her hands with innocent blood to become what she thought was a monster. Like her brothers before her she'd been groomed to embrace the wolf, her father would send his children out into the woods when they came of age where he had a man compelled by a vampire he paid off, to attack, to keep fighting until the children where forced to end that person's life becoming what they were meant to be, a werewolf.

Abigail couldn't do it though and so she started to pick at the cracks, trying to strip away all that her father had created it. Who she was, her life, she wanted to form it with her own hands. She started acting out dressing the way she wanted, hanging out with people she felt she had more in common with. She joined a band and started staying out, sometimes weeks at a time. The media painted her as the party girl and this did not sit well with her father. This was not his vision it did not suit his purpose so again he spun a web that would either bring her to place or wipe her clean. Her bold rebellion had made it no more then a month before he had, had enough of dealing with her and her antics. He had no use for what she had chosen to become. So he called to another to bring to life his perfect ending this was not something he could do himself if it came to light everything he'd built would crumble.

One night at a party a man lead Abigail up to the roof top, he was simply suppose to do away with her but instead he decided to have a bit of fun first. In a struggle he ended up falling through the sky light ending his life and sealing Abigail's fate. This incident had landed Abigail in the hospital, there was an investigation but it was quickly ruled as self denfense. Her father using this tagedgy to his advantage in the polls, he play'd a convincing role but behind closed doors he really seemed pleased with the outcome of the situation, telling her to see the positive in the situation. That now she like the rest of her family possessed the gift.

It didn't take long for her father to start rebuilding his daughters image in the public eye. Shorly after her brush with the wrong crowd as her father so elegantly put it, Abigail was back as the prize in her fathers eye, wanting to seal her place in society he arranged her future from school to marriage he had it all mapped out. That's where Asher Thane came in, she had known him most of her life, though he was just always her older brother Tommy's friend. A little rough around the edges but he was good at hiding such things, he'd also had a reputation about him when it came to women.

Abigail had never had an actual boyfriend, her father would never approve of her choices and honestly she was just enjoying the freedom of being young, of having opitions. But it seemed she really had no say, not in who she was, or who she would spend the rest of her life with. She had tried to reason with her father but he wouldn't hear of it, and so she tried another way. Trying to appeal to Asher, she knew he didn't want to be married anymore then she did. Though he had promised to handle things it seemed it was a promise he couldn't keep and Abigail did what she could for the next ten months to make life difficult for him, hoping it would give him the push to call things off.

Her Seventeenth birthday was approaching and with it was the announcement of her engagement. Her father wanted her married as soon as she became of age so that someone else would be able to keep her in line. Abigail made one last attempt to have her father see reason but in their argument her father had shed some light on the night she'd triggered her curse, and he made it clear that she would fall in line or he would take her out. Packing her bags she threatened to leave but he wouldn't hear of it, after much arguing her father agreed to allow the driver to take her into the city to stay at Asher's. That night just before day break Abigail slipped out with what little she had packed and wondered through the city, taking a bus she ended up at Willy's Bar a place she'd play'd her first gig at.

Word of her disappearance had spread fast and Abigail had to lay low, getting a new identity from Billy, Abby spent a week hiding away in his small apartment above the bar. Making arrangements and mapping out a plan with her band members. She had to be careful, knowing that her face was currently plastered all over the news and papers, and the police were looking for her. Not being able to stay any longer Abigail did her best to keep a low profile as she slipped into the back of a van and she had the group left New York behind.

Music truly seemed to be Abigail's escape not just on stage where she was free to let her walls down and show her true self, but in life as well. Being on tour meant they were never in one place for two long, also it provided the band with money, not much but enough to get by on. Over the next few months Abigail didn't stay in one place for too long, her face was plastered across the media as the runaway daughter, her father's face on television playing the concerned parent. She had to admit he was quiet talented if she didn't know the man she would say that he almost seemed believable. But he had taught her well and she knew the words he spoke were just noise to fill the room and build up his ratings.The family name had insured her face was one that sparked recognition and despite the distance she put between herself and New York she felt like eyes where always on her, often having nightmares that she would wake up to find her father standing before her ready to drag her back and re-apply her puppet strings, or even worse to finish what he had started.

She spent most of her days locked away in some cheap motel room while her band mates were free to wonder and explore, while she had escaped the confinements of her life she knew she was far from being completely free from him. But there were moments, when the sun had set and Abigail stepped onto the stage and everything just melted away. The night was her escape, the band played in dive bars and underground clubs, places where people didn't care who she was to the outside world. These were the moments where she felt she was truly herself, the night bringing life to her in a sense.

The more time that passed the more confident Abigail grew, the story of her disappearance had died away as a new story filled the papers and eventually it appeared as though the world had forgotten about Abigail Horwits. She found herself actually being able to enjoy her life.

When she arrived in Seattle it was merely suppose to be another stop on the road, but an after party at El Corazones and a girl named Elizabeth Loveless changed all that. Abigail found the girl fascinating as she exposed her to what a life without fear could be like, Effy was a vampire and she feared nothing, anything the vampire desired was hers, and all she had to do was simply ask for it. A weekend stretched into a week and then a month, time slipped by as if it meant nothing and Abigail had started to build herself a life. The band was setting it's roots and while they still played a few local shows to make money, they where taking this break as an opportunity to create some new material and scheduled an actual tour.

The next few months Abigail's life seemed to blur together, as a vampire Effy had a strong tolerance and Abigail did her best to keep up. Which resulted in her loosing pieces of time and often waking up in unfamiliar surroundings, and while some would find this behavior to be reckless Abigail was enjoying every minute of it. The city, the music, the culture it was so different from the life she grew up in, so freeing.

Season 3 History

Seattle's annual hempfest came around and Abigail spent the day among her friends getting high and enjoying the rare sunshine. As the day slipped away she found herself sitting among a pack of werewolves she had meet shortly after arriving in Seattle. Gathered around a bon fire the group shared stories over a bottle of whiskey when they arrived walking down from the city onto the beach. The group seemed to be on edge but Abigail barely noticed as her attention was fixed on the attractive man that approached them.

Niklaus Mikealson was something Abigail had never seen before, he walked up to the group seemingly at ease as he approached and began to speak to the pack of wolves. His words intrigued her as he revealed to them what he was neither wolf nor vampire Niklaus had the strength of both without the draw backs, he told the group that he planned on passing this gift on to them. But there was a threat in his tone and the wolves were unease by his presence, even Effy seemed uncomfortable as she quietly suggested to Abigail that they leave.

Insisting that she would be fine she told Effy to go home and though she put up an argument she finally agreed disappearing into the night. The hybrid stood before them asking who would join him and he was meet with whispers among the group as they all sat firmly in their seats. None rose, none except Abigail getting to her feet she stood before the hybrid, she was no fool like the others she knew there had to be more, a catch that he wasn't telling them. But Abigail didn't care, what the hybrid had to offer was worth having something to answer too. Her whole life she had to answer to her father, and then every full moon as the beast inside her took over body, in her eyes she was simply choosing who she answered too.

Niklaus asked the others if anyone else was going to stand with her but none moved simply watching to scared to move from where they sat. He then turned his attention to her producing a blade from his pocket he ran it down the palm of his hand before he turned momentary to the vampire that accompanied him and took the cup he was holding out to him. Squeezing his hand over the cup Abigail watched closely almost memorized as she watched the blood drip from his hand into the cup, there eyes meet for a moment as she took the cup from his hands and he asked her, her name. She paused briefly with the cup to her lips answering him before she downed to contents of the cup, letting the cup slip from her hands she heard the hybrid tell her that she'd made a good choice before she felt his hands on her neck and in a moment everything went dark.

When Abigail awoke she was in transition and the hybrid stood in wait offering her blood as she stirred. The smell invaded her senses and she felt a growing hunger as faint black veins swept down her delicate face, reaching out she took the cup and quickly downed the contents of it. The taste was like nothing she'd ever had before and she could literally feel her insides changing, looking around her she noticed that the others all laid dead around her, but soon they were rising up as well, Abigail had no doubt that this was not due to them having a sudden change of heart and her thoughts where confirmed as one of them struggled against the hybrid as he forced him to drink the blood that he offered them.

Once they had all changed Niklaus had ordered them to go home and pack a bag, informing them that they would be traveling to Mystic Falls, Abigail spoke out among the group questioning him, she had just started to feel at home and she didn't want to leave, but when he pressed the matter the pull of the sire bond took it's hold and she complied. When she arrived home Abigail went straight to packing not even noticing Effy was home until she was standing in her door way. She was concerned when Abigail told her what transpired and seemed most concerned with how at ease Abigail was with it, after pressing her for details Effy told Abigail that she thought she had been sired and that she needed to stay, stressing that her free will now belonged to someone else and that it could be dangerous for her. But she brushed her aside, telling Effy that she had chose this, that the sire bond did not matter because Abigail had known there would be a price. Growing up among a family like hers one learned early that everything had it's price.

She tried to explain that she had traded one master for another, and that because of Niklaus she no longer had to turn every full moon. Abigail hadn't had a choice in becoming a werewolf even when she thought she had, her father had been silently setting it in motion, atleast with Niklaus she chose to give him that control. After abit of an argument Abigail departed leaving Seattle with Niklaus and the rest of the hybrids to Mystic Falls.

During most of the ride home Abigail spoke freely with Niklaus as the others remained silent and it became very apparent by the end of the trip that despite the fact that the hybrids were sired to Niklaus the gratitude they showed for him wasn't real, it was like they were playing a part. Loyal and willing to serve but in reality none stood by his side given choice. He seemed to be aware of this too as he seemed genuinely interested in why she stood while the others resisted, claiming that some would think it was out of fear, to which she simply smiled and asked him what he thought of it. Abigail had been around men like Niklaus all her life, he liked power and control, she liked to play with men like this, but he was a different breed.


When they arrived in Mystic Falls Abigail was surprised to find that their first night was spent at a party thrown by Niklaus's very first hybrid Tyler Lockwood. It seemed as though the local homecoming dance had been shut down and this was the alternative, which Abigail had to admit was quiet impressive. The night continued to be full of surprises when Niklaus's father showed up, like the others she stood at the ready for Niklaus to give order but was knocked out.

When she came to she found Niklaus sitting out back alone drinking. Abigail made a sarcastic remark telling Niklaus that a man with daddy issues was a man after her own heart. Despite the sarcasm this was something she could relate to and after sharing a bottle the two spent the night together.

For the first time in her life Abigail felt empowered, safe even. She could see a future here in this small town, one she could form herself, because of who she was and not because of her name. While the other hybrids seemed to be scattered and unfocused Abigail took it upon herself to find a home in the small town, compelling the previous owners to sign over the title she found herself a fairly nice set up, the house was tucked away from the public view. The asphalt turned into gravel and there were large trees that lined the way to the house tucked back into the woods. She also enrolled herself into Mystic Falls High School under her alias, she had been keeping up with her grades for months now online but now that she had settled she thought it might be a good way to at least meet people. She wanted to be able to walk in both worlds again, the supernatural as well as the human world, she wanted a life again to be able to meet people and make connections, memories.


Though it seemed her dream of setting roots was once again taken from her as she was informed that she and the other hybrids where leaving town for the time. For the past days Niklaus had been in a terrible mood it seemed that the vampire Stefan Salvatore had stolen something very near and dear to him. He lashed out sending some of his hybrids to send a message to the vampire while others like her self were turning the town over in search of his stolen property. At first Niklaus called Stefan out accusing him of bluffing but things escalated rather quickly after he killed Mindy, the vampire was growing bolder, and impulsive, it caused many of the hybrids unease.

Abigail kept her confidence about her but she in no means underestimated the vampire, she had learned at a very young age that what your opinionated appeared to be capable of and what they where actually capable of where to very different things. That wasn't enough though to keep herself out of sight like it had with some of the others, Abigail wanted to get to know more about this curious little town they had found themselves in, wondering the town the hybrid noticed people gathering in the Founder's Hall, curious she found her way inside.

It turned out they where holding a fundraiser raising money for some bridge, it reminded her of the parties back home. Finding it a bit dry for her taste she made her way to the bar, happy to find they at least had an open bar. It was there she meet Damon Salvatore upon learning his name she asked "So which one are you, the one who wants to kill us? Or the one who's in love with the brother's girl?" He seemed to over look the last part, demanding to know what she was talking about. After telling him what his brother had been up to the vampire left abruptly.

After growing tired of the party Abigail left the bar and headed out the door stopping in her tracks when she spotted her sire, he was yelling at someone and with her heighten hearing she could hear he was talking to Stefan. She listened intently as Niklaus finally agreed to send the hybrids away, watching as he got off the phone and disappeared. She turned to see Damon rushing towards her, she presumed to stop Niklaus but she stopped him instead, telling him what she had overheard. He reluctantly thanked her before disappearing, and Abigail made her way home to pack.

Realizing she needed a car Abigail left her bags on the porch and headed into town, finding a deserted road she lay'd there and waited. She wasn't sure how much time had passed when she heard a car approaching, she listened as it drew closer suddenly swerving and pulling up next to her. A familiar voice asked if she needed a ride and after a bit of banter Abigail reluctantly got into the car, the two ended up spending the night together and becoming unexpectedly close. Though Abigail left before the sunrise having to leave town with the other hybrids.

Once she acquired a car and got on the road she got in touch with Elizabeth to tell her the change in plans. Effy had decided to leave Seattle and come visit Abby at her new home but had stopped at the Whitmore College to check up with an old friend. Only thing was said friend had gone missing Effy's first night there. Abigail explained her end and the two had decided that Abby would meet Effy at the College and help her find her friend. This was easier said then done, Effy had figured out that there was more to this college then just furthering ones education. There was apparently a group on the campus that was well aware of the supernatural in this world and had been capturing Vampires to study and experiment on them, it was all rather twisted from the sound of it and Abigail had urged Effy to hold back until she arrived.

Effy hadn't listened though, when Abigail reached the campus Elizabeth was no where to be found. Abigail spent days trying to locate her friend, she knew about the group known as Augustine but people seemed to be pretty tight lip and on vervain. Not to mention the fact that she needed to be invited into homes, it was making things more complicated and time wasn't something Abby had. Abigail could feel the eyes on her, someone watching, she drew them out bringing attention to herself and being careless with who she feed on. When a boy dropped dead the man following her seemed to have enough and she ended up being knocked out. When she came to she was strapped down and there before her stood a fairly young fairly handsome man. Looking him dead in the eyes hers flashed a golden amber causing the man to react. He asked her what kind of science lab she had been cooked up in and she only laughed.

He stepped closer observing her closely she kept her eyes on him remaining very still, then in a blurred like motion she broke free from the restraint grasping his neck she applied pressure on his air pipe as she broke free of the other ones, Wes flopped around like a fish in her grasp but she ignored it. Had she been a normal vampire the restraints may have held better but she was a hybrid. Knocking him out she called out to Effy who was in the lower basement. When she found her friend she didn't look so well, Elizabeth had clearly been starved and she could only imagine what the good Doctor had been doing to her. Opening the cell Abigail quickly offered a hand wanting to do more but her blood would have tainted and killed her friend. She had gone to save her friend shortly after getting off the phone and she had been too late. Abigail wanted to kill the man but Effy urged her not to, getting rid of any evidence of them being there, before bleeding the vervain from him. Elizabeth compelled him to forget what he had done to her, what had taken place just now, of their very existence and she told him that if he was to look upon their faces again they would spark no interest to him.

The pair didn't stay long after traveling to Virginia Beach, Abigail surprised Effy with the Sasquatch Music Festival thinking her friend needed to get out of her own head for awhile. The girls camped out for the whole three days seeing the foo fighters, and death cab for cutie. The whole scene was pretty amazing everyone camped out together in a general area, there were bon fires and music. People drinking and dancing, high on the night among other things, boys inviting you back to their tents making it easy to feed unnoticed. When the festival came to an end Abigail and Effy stuck around with the stragglers having one last night before they headed back to Abigail's home in Mystic Falls.


Abigail left Elizabeth at her home showing up at Niklaus's to inform her sire of her return. She had caught him just as he finished his speech to his mother who lay'd in the coffin before him. When he lay'd eyes on her she had thought he would be mad but instead he confided in her about Tyler's girlfriend Caroline and her rejection towards him. Abigail was bold when she made a move on him, she wasn't sure if it was the sire bond or something else, but Abigail wanted to see him comforted and so she did the only thing she could, and let him know that he was wanted, that he was desired.


The next morning Abigail had a bit of an awkward encounter with two of Niklaus's siblings, Rebekah and Kol. Though her interaction with Rebekah was quiet brief as the blonde vampire headed out the door to clean up after some dance she was going on about. Kol however seemed very amused by his sister's annoyance as well as by Abigail's presence in the house. The two had a bit of a banter and seemed to take a liking to each other as they spent much of that morning together.

The two had taken to drinking when they heard the arguing from the other room, Kol ever so amused made a comment about sibling love and Abigail had to cover her mouth so that she didn't laugh knowing that Niklaus would not be as amused as they where had he realized they were being over heard. Though Kol wasn't really helping the situation Abigail did realize the importance of privacy. But when she heard Rebekah leave Abigail got to her feet and decided to slip out and catch up with her.

Though the blonde made it clear her dislike for Niklaus's mutts, Abigail was sympathetic and Rebekah seemed to soften. Thinking the girl could probably use some fun and clear her head Abigail took the girl back to her place. Telling Effy to break out the bottles, Abigail turned up some music and the girls bonded.

3x22 When Rebekah learns of what Bonnie has done to Niklaus, Abigail gets in touch with the other hybrids telling them that their sire requires them to come back to Mystic Falls. In the mean time Abigail with the help of Effy go in search of Niklaus's body, it is unknown to her that his brother Elijah has made a deal with Elena to get him back.

The pair had turned the town over, and even searched around the outskirts of town with no luck at finding Niklaus. Abigail is unaware of the fact that Niklaus has "died" and Alaric has passed when she returns home to find the hybrids had finally seemed to all gather. Abigail tells the pack what has transpired with Niklaus, and informs them that it is now their job to get their sire back, as well as protect his family from Alaric who is now an Original Hunter and Vampire.

Many of the hybrid's questioned her, with Niklaus gone they thought themselves to be free and they weren't to keen on giving that up. Abigail accused them of being worthless mutts and a fight broke out among the group, Abigail wasn't sure what it was but something inside her awoken and for the first time she could actually feel the wolf. This group of mutts where a pack and whether they liked it or not someone had to lead, someone had to be responsible for them. After snapping a few necks the atmosphere seemed to change around them and the remaining hybrids stopped, Abigail had proven her dominance and in the werewolf world that made her alpha, the others saw that and now complied with her order.

After Rebekah informs her of Niklaus's death Abigail is left to her own devises returning home it doesn't take her long to deal with things in a way that comes naturally to her. Recruiting Effy as her partner in crime the two leave Mystic Falls behind to find some entertainment. During their time away Abigail took sport in pushing past her new tolerance despite her friends warning Abigail continues to party and finds that she's missing chunks of time as she awakes in a hotel with a dead blonde found in the bed beside her. When Effy finds her she compels the hotel staff to clean up the mess and takes Abigail back to Mystic Falls.

[4x3] The return home didn't seem to do any better for Abigail's reckless behavior; the black outs becoming more regular as she continued to abuse substances. Running into Rebekah she was recruited to help her protest the new curfew learning what had actually transpired with her sire; that he was in fact was alive and while he had been in possession of Tyler Lockwood's body he was now inhabiting his own once again.

Once the party was in swing Abigail spent about an hour consuming about what she could before she grew bored and hungry. Leading one of the party goers away she fed a little bit too openly coming face to face with her Sire who dragged her off to the Lockwoods where he could keep an eye on her as he was the others explaining the situation with a hunter named Connor. Seeing the state she was in Niklaus sought to punish her worried her recklessness was not worth the trouble; in the end he confined her to his home not allowing her to leave his home.

In the days to come Abigail would suffer great withdraws; the pieces that had been better lost coming back to torment her. While Niklaus seemed to take pleasure in this his brother sought pity on her and the two become somewhat mates or drinking partners rather. Not getting along well with the other hybrids and Niklaus using her as an example to the rest Kol was the one who seemed to keep her sane during her stay; he and Rebekah that was who she was becoming very close with as of late.

[4x5] When Niklaus figured out that Connor was no ordinary hunter but one of the five a legendary vampire hunting group he set of to find Alexander's sword taking some of the hybrids with him but leaving her behind informing her that she's to start training them. Though the thought of spending time with any of the mutts made her stomach turn she complied having them set up away from the house out into the woods. It surprisingly didn't take long for her attitude to turn around; after a bit of pecking order they seemed to fall into a groove and Abigail felt as if she were almost a part of a pack. She found herself taking pride in what she did; though some may have viewed her tatics as questionable to say the least.

While Niklaus was away Abigail was a bit more free to enjoy her time; or atleast drink away some of the memories that had started resurfacing as she at times felt as though she were slowly loosing it. Obeying Niklaus's order she kept to the property keeping company with Kol; something about the younger Mikealson brought out the more reckless side; he would say it was because he was the least judgmental of his family but they both knew it was more then that. The two had gotten a bit intangled only to be interrupted by Niklaus's return home; in an act of rage Niklaus snapped his brother's neck referring to Abigail in a way that made her sound more like property then an actual person. He ordered her out and she took the opportunity to return home to her roommate.

[4x7] Sometime after Niklaus gets Elena settled after stealing her away from the Salvatore brothers as she'd become a danger to herself and others having hallucinations of the hunter she killed; he comes by to talk with Abigail. Despite his earlier words he danced around that there may have been more to his reaction seemingly trying to gauge her reaction; his words seemed to cause a struggle though she felt something for him he seemed to want her to submit to him; to ask for what? Something more perhaps but it wasn't in her nature and so she tried to brush it off stating she simply couldn't make promises she couldn't keep; this angers him and he leaves.

Abigail struggles against her conflicting emotions towards her sire part of her questioning if it was merely the sire bond unsure if the thought was discomforting or not. She reached out to some of the people she'd met while in town; people she considered friends but in light of her short comings those people seemed to turn their back on her and Abigail started to withdraw.

Unknown to her at the time Tyler and his werewolf friend Hayley had convinced some of the others to break their bond. While Abigail had stopped feeding and fallen into somewhat a depressed state Niklaus found out about the other hybrids breaking their bond and sought to punish them falling for Hayley's trick he slaughtered those who had betrayed him.

The young hybrid grew to a state where she'd grown unresponsive to her roommate and her attempts at getting her to feed; now mostly keeping to her room as the emotions and memories had created some sort of break in her mind. After some radio silence Kol had come looking for her; mostly to make sure his brother hadn't offed her; though when he saw the state she was in he couldn't help but feel for his friend who seemed to be a mere shell of the girl he's spent time with a few weeks ago. After a moment of assessment Kol decided to take things into his own hands compelling her to shut off her memory only to turn it on if he himself where to tell her too.

This seemed to do the trick as Abigail appeared to revert back to her formally more lively self; after greedily finishing off the blood bags Effy had left on her night stand she insisted on going out for more.

Whistle out celebrating in a fairly intoxicated state she ran into none other then Asher Thane; taking advantage of the fact that she couldn't place him the two spent the evening together. The next morning Abigail pitched a fit causing her roommate to come into the room and without question drag Asher out by his hair.

[7x11] Later on in the day Abigail gets a call from Kol to meet him at some bar claiming he needed help. When she arrived Kol claimed he had a bit too much to drinking and needed help cleaning up his mess. Not knowing these were actually the vampires Klaus had turned to help Jeremy grow his mark she helped in their slaughter before leaving to take care of her own business.

Having no interest in the cure herself and to truly celebrate her new found sanity Abigail decided to throw a burlesque themed party. The event was held at a supernatural speak easy nestled in the town it proved to be quite the evening as her compelled break from humanity came to light during a conversation with Niklaus at the end of the evening. News he didn't take to kindly as he forced his brother to fix her; Kol said he was only trying to help only seeming to enrage Niklaus.

Abigail tried to get past her sire before trying to reason with Kol who seemd sympathetic but in the end he complied with his brother no doubt fearing the dagger. Being left to sort things out herself she returned home.

[7x12] The next day Abigail tracks down Asher; she'd gone this long without any run in from family and with Asher her brother Thomas wasn't too far behind. She couldn't have that; that merge. She planned to drain the vervain from him and compel him to leave town and forget. Though with her new found humanity literally being forced back onto her she was a bit raw and she found herself unable to do it. Instead she found out he'd come for his cousin and she agree'd to help him if he kept his mouth shut revealing her true nature to the wolf.

After leaving Asher's place Abigail reached out to Kol hoping to meet up and he said he'd be in touch after he stopped in on Jeremy. Before she could answer he'd hung up and after an hour had passed she tried calling; when she couldn't get a hold of him she headed to the mansion only to find Klaus who left after she mentioned Jeremy. She'd later find out through Rebekah that Jeremy had killed him.

Trying to keep herself focused Abigail pulled away from the supernatural drama that seemed to be brewing over this cure; she kept to her studies and her music. She also helped Asher get in touch with his cousin though she drew a line at trying to convince a girl to go to the place she'd once run away from. Still he managed to seal the deal and when the two left she oddly felt without purposes. Abigail and Niklaus seemed to rekindle their relationship as the two sought comfort in one another mourning their mutual loss.

She didn't deal well with sitting still; and her run in with Asher made her think that perhaps it was time to return home. She was a hybrid now; she had nothing to fear of her father anymore.

After telling Eff her plans she had a run in with her sire. Something had been growing between the two and it was getting harder for Abigail to deny such things to him; but to give someone your heart was to give them ultimate control of yourself. It was an infectious weakness they were immortal what would happen when he grew tired of her. After giving her heart what then?

So instead she told him of her plans to return to her home in New York and to break her sire bond asking how he could believe what this was was anything more then an amplification of the bond. Though he didn't seem to take it well Abigail could be a bit relentless that and perhaps it was their more personal history; or the fact that she was one of the few hybrids he had left when he was unable to make more whatever it was he allowed her to go.

Before she returned home Abigail decided she needed to break her sire bond; she needed a clear head and perhaps she needed to know if her feelings had merely been intensified by the bond. Keeping to the deep woods Abigail spent the next few months turning and when she finally figured she'd broken it she decided to keep at it. There was something freeing about abandoning the human world and running as the wolf; it was that same feeling she got when she was on stage it was hard to describe.

But after about 3 months she forced herself to rejoin society calling Asher out of the blue to come and assist her. She made him get in touch with her brother Thomas and with their help she made her presents public choosing a charity event their father held annually in honor of their dead mother; an event that brought some media. Her father's face that first moment he'd laid eyes on her coming to her brothers side on the stage was priceless; though he recovered effortlessly when questioned he claimed she'd been there for about a month and that they were trying to keep it private for the family.

It was almost laughable but she let him have it. When she came back she expected a bit of chaos but she wasn't actually prepared with what all her coming back had entailed. There was interviews people asking where she'd been; what she did for money; they picked at her and though she handled it with grace it got to her at times. Though she used the light to her advantage as well airing a bit of dirty laundry so to speak when it came to the family and messing with her father's public view; that was entertaining.

Not to mention the doors her return had opened for her music; before she could only book gigs in places where nobody was looking out for a runaway keeping to the hotel room or van in between venues she'd been careful to keep a low profile; that is until she'd met Effy. But now she was free to play where she'd like and after packing a few places Jackson Gilbert caught one of their shows staying after to offer the band to open for his tour; which they accepted.

The tour came in the summer after Abigail graduated a few months on the road and she felt like herself again; and this time she was truly able to enjoy it. She was called back though about a month from the end of their tour; her grandfather was dying and everything was about to change.

He died the afternoon after her return and her brother was appointed head of his company following the funeral. Abigail play'd her part sticking by her families side and paying her respects while camera's snapped pictures as if their lives where apart of a show.

Abigail had agree'd to become her brother's silent partner; people had been on edge since her return; in a good way though. She intimidated them and that was something her brother could use. She took a flight to Florida to play the last couple of shows in Mami before returning back home to New York.

Though her deal with her brother had entailed her being a silent partner with Asher actually at the front with him that too seemed to change over time. Abigail found herself spending much of her time there not really liking to stray too far from her brother or even Asher; the three of them had grown close sense her return and they made her feel safe; besides that there was no one snapping a camera infront of her face when she was hear.


Abigail walked along the deserted road for some time watching as a car passed from time to time, not in any particular rush to comply with the demands of Stefan Salvatore. Stopping she paused for a moment placing her hands on her delicate waist, she took in her surroundings deciding this was as good a place as any she walked out to the middle of the road taking in an un-needed breath before she lowered herself to the ground, laying her back against the cool asphalt Abigail stretched her legs out keeping her hands together she stared up at the sky. It was oddly peaceful here on the quiet road, not a lot of street lights so the stars shined bright above.

She wasn't sure how long she had been laying there when she heard a car coming from a distance, with her heighten hearing she could hear the engine perfectly as the car moved towards her, when the car picked up speed Abigail lifted her head just in time to see a black mustang swerve pulling up beside her. "Need a ride Blondie?" a familiar voice asked from the drivers side of the car, Abigail let out a sigh and let her head drop back down to the pavement "What are you doing here?" she asked not moving from her position, the car shut off and she could hear him get out as he shut the door beside him coming around to the other side of the car "Oh you know, just saving some poor saps future" Damon said flashing her a smile, sitting up on her arms she tilted her head looking up at him through thick lashes her face mimicked one of innocents and Damon shook his head "That" he muttered under his breath causing a laugh to escape Abigail's lips "Saving from who? Me" she asked raising a brow "That's so sweet" she mused.

Damon shot her a look of annoyance but it soften into an amused expression "Get in the car" he said bluntly Abigail laughed watching him unmoved from her spot "No can do, didn't you hear that brother of yours managed to have me along with the others sent away" she said making a face "So go tomorrow" he countered, Abigail pressed her lips together as if thinking it over "Things not go well with your brothers girlfriend I take it?" she asked holding out a hand to him "I can leave you here" he said, Abigail scrunched up her nose at him waving her hand at him "But then you're responsible for that poor poor sap I eat before taking his car" she mused.

Damon rolled his eyes letting out a scuff before he moved back to the drivers side of the car, Abigail called him rude before getting up in a blurred motion and opening the passenger side of the car slipping down onto the leather seat. "Don't be so serious Salvatore" she said looking over at him she flashed him a smirk as she brought her legs up propping them up, her feet dangled out the window, as Damon started the car Abigail looked back out the window watching as the trees turned into buildings, everything felt still at this hour, street lights flood dark side walks and most people where already safe in their homes at this hour, as seemed to be such with smaller towns. Not like New York, it truly was the city that never slept, always life, always moving forward. This town was certainly not like back home, and despite her short stay here the thought of all the opportunity she was now going to be missing out on weighed heavily on her. Silently she decided in time she would come back.

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