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 Site Guidelines, Application Code Word Found Here
Abigail Horwits
 Posted: Jun 11 2014, 01:00 AM
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I know all this reading is painful so I will try and be brief but here are some fairly simple guidelines to our site

Be sure to read all of the information we have provided. It should cover all the bases of our site and what it's about. If you have any questions and cannot find the answers in the resources we have provided feel free to contact a staff member.
We currently have no limit on made up characters, we do ask to try and not take on more then you can handle. As far as Cannon characters we have a 3 maximum rule, with a 2 major Cannon limit. If you are unsure if a character is considered major or minor please refer to our Cannon Index
The modo here is first come first serve, if you wish to reserve a character you are welcome to throw up a W.I.P app. This will reserve the character for 10 days, we will post a warning 3 days prior to your applications expiration.
We only require one acceptance before you are free to start posting in our IC areas, but remember to wait for that acceptance. Until then you are free to post in our guest friendly areas.
While we prefer you to write character history in your own words, there are only so many ways to say the same thing when it comes to our Cannons. Because of that we do accept Cannon history copied from Wiki, that being said unless we tell you other wise we ask that you provide a sample of said Cannon character so we can get a grasp on how you will portray them. We do not however accept it for Original Characters.

» However we do allow some exceptions if you are making what I refer to as a Hybrid Original Character you are welcome to copy from Wiki or another source and then build upon it from there to make it fit into the TVD/TO universe. A Hybrid Original Character is a Character you have either taken from real history or even a character from another show (or movie) and you have built upon their history to create your own version.

If you plan to take a character from another show or a movie we do however ask that it be a human/real life based one we cannot have Harry Potter running around Mystic Falls as the two universes clash and your character must fit in to the universe in which these two shows are presented as.

If you plan on using a historical figure or character from another fandom that has passed you must explain how you're character managed to escape such circumstances.

If you want to keep your characters please check into activity check!
This is a role playing site based on The Vampire Diaries as well as The Originals therefore we will only be accepting species that have been introduced in those shows. So if you wanted to be a fairy your out of luck... BANANA However we are willing to consider alternatives to said species if you can pitch a compelling way this came to be; perhaps a government experiment or a witches curse/gift take a chance and try to sell it to one of our Admins if they approve you're free to proceed.

» Also as far as witches and the type of magic they use if you have an alternative form of magic you would like to use please contact a staff member.

» If you are interested in practicing Expression we do accept Witches who practice but there are restrictions. Expression is considered the most powerful magic known, and is extremely dangerous especially given the fact that it ties into ones emotions. But we do not god mod without permission so your powers are limited to other members.

» We are also only accepting the doppelgänger's that have appeared on the show. So that means Elena, Katherine, Tatia and Amara from Amara's Bloodline & Stefan, Tom Avery and Silas from Silas's Bloodline.

» Also there are no more Original Vampires. You can't create a vampire older than 1000, since the Originals were the first. Please refer to the canon lists for more information.

» We are now accepting Heretics but there will be a limit as to how many we have on the site so first come first serve. If you're interested in one please contact a staff member.

We are fairly lacks on our members writing structure, but please try and use basic grammar/sentence structure, and remember spell check is your friend..
Hope Mikealson; so when it comes to Hope given that she's an infant she will not be someone you can submit an application for. However if you are portraying Niklaus, Hayley, Rebekah, Or Elijah you are welcome to add her into your replies whenever you see fit. If you are NOT one of those four and would like to add Hope into one of your threads whether it be babysitting or kidnapping you must have permission from either the person playing Hayley or Niklaus.
If there is a deceased character that you would like to bring back from the dead as long as they haven't found their peace then it may still be possible. Pitch your idea to one of our staff as to how this came to be.

»NOTE We've added a small twist to what really happened to those who were taken away by the darkness while they presumably went to hell this are not always as they appear. As the other side crumbled it wasn't just the living world it started to merge with but also the Gemini Prison Worlds. It is in a failed attempted Prison World that we find some of our characters trapped in..

We will not be accepting any Mary Sue applications (A "Mary Sue" is judged as a poorly developed character, too perfect and lacking in realism to be interesting).You are free to build your character on board as you like but remember no one is perfect. We also ask that you do not include major establishments between your Original Character and a Cannon unless you have talked to the member. If the Cannon you wish to have back history establishment with is still open please contact a staff member to determine if your establishment is acceptable.

»NOTE that a long lost anything (sister,brother, etc.) will not be accepted period.

We do not! I repeat do NOT force ships.

» If you take a cannon who is currently in a relationship and you do not wish to pursue said relationship it would be helpful to state that the pair have split but it isn't necessary.

We are currently accepting hybrids!!!! Though there are a few restrictions, because we are following the show we know that the hybrids broke their bonds and were slaughtered. So you must provide in your history where your character was when these events took place as well as where they've been hiding since because Niklaus has no other interaction with hybrids besides Tyler after the BOAT "incident".

» If you want an unsired hybrid we perfer that you establish that on the board but we do allow unsired hybrid applications as long as their bond was broken after the "incident". Also please keep in mind when you are trying to establish plotting that Niklaus did slaughter his unsired hybrids so chances are he is not going to be "cool" with your Original character being unsired and any plotting between the two of you will probably not include niceties ....

» If you want more of a personal background establishment with Niklaus besides the basic establishment seen on the show between himself and his hybrids, you must okay it with the person playing Niklaus before including it in your history.

Be aware of your god modding we understand that it's sometimes unavoidable but please try and avoid it, if you do god mod please make sure the other person is alright with it before hand.
Site Rated:Mature
Site Content May Include
+Blood & Gore

+ Extreme Violence

+Strong Language

+Adult Humor


+Strong Sexual Content

+Use Of Drugs & Alcohol

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...KEEP YOUR DRAMA. This is suppose to be fun for everyone so please be respectful and have fun. We will not put up with bashing, and any hate speech (of any kind) will cause you to be banned without notice.
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