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Daniel Thomas


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Jan 3 2016, 09:18 PM
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Daniel Christian Thomas

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Daniel “Axel” Christian Thomas

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June 13 1769

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Social Media God

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Paris, France

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Aaron Paul

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Daniel as a human had been shy and high stress. This was largely due to his family, his parents were nothing special. Though that did not stop his father from having high expectations for his son. Daniel’s father had no problem expression his distain for his son’s success verbally and physically. Daniel’s relationship with his mother was not worth much, she would defend his father, telling him that it was just how things were done and that if he didn’t constantly disappoint the family his father would let up. Daniel’s father was a drunk who was never satisfied with his son’t work, academically or even at home. At 18 Daniel finally decided he couldn’t take it anymore and thankfully being an only child he was only running from his parents. He packed up and left, wandering the streets of France till he ran into a man who asked him a lot of questions, offered him a place to stay and some food, Daniel not having much of a choice took him up on the offer. The man’s name was Marcus and he reviled that he was a vampire, he told Daniel all the wonders that he could learn to love if he became a creature of the night. Marcus let Daniel sleep on the decision. When Daniel awoke their were two women with Marcus, and Daniel made his decision, he was sick of being pushed around all his life and now he was going to learn from someone who was better then his father and more suited. Daniel worshiped his sire after he was turned, wanted to learn everything he could and was glad to. Marcus had sent Daniel to go see his parents, his sire had thought that this would be an important part of Daniel’s after life. Though well Daniel was their his sire had taken a trip to Spain and had been killed by a witch. Daniel had sought out his bother after this, though they didn’t seem to exactly hit it off. Daniel did his best to stay on his feet and use what his sire had taught him. He then moved to America to help fight in the Revolution hoping to find a meaning to all that had happened thus far in his life. In fighting he witnessed unspeakable things but he also learned more then he had ever in the time he was in school. Well fighting he had come across a women who was dressed as a man to fight, he kept a watch on her, trying to learn about her, why she would want to be in a war and what made her tick. The more he watched the more he figured it out she was no normal women, she was much more then he was giving her credit for. She was like him… he had seen her shot and stabbed and continued to fight… when he finally put it all together he confronted her and confirmed that she was a vampire. They both seemed to look out for each other, and he was able to learn a lot about being a vampire from her. Once the war ended he decided to stay in American and promptly moved to New York City where he bought a hotel and started a business in pleasure. He had invited his new friend from the war Ellie to join him and she agreed. In his eyes it had been nothing but bliss till around prohibition when she decided his life style was to extreme for her and he needed to rein it in. After thirteen years of Prohibition ended Ellie returned and Daniel forgave her and promised that she was more important to him then killing people and sex as well as the other illegal things that were drawing attention to his hotel. After that it was decently smooth sailing, of course their were bumps along the way and with each new decade a new style took over. By the 60’s he was living the hippie life now with other vampires and the hotel became a haven for free love, something he could really relate to since his past had nothing of the sort. Though one night Daniel had fallen asleep with Ellie and the next morning she was gone, with not so much as a note, no one had even seen her leave though Daniel was sure she had compelled the humans and avoided the vampires. Heartbroken, he tried for years to find her the the vampires he was living with finally talked him out of letting her take up anymore of his life. He stayed in New York in the same building he had bought all those years ago, the building had changed and his appearance had changed but Daniel was still the same fun loving heart broken vampire. He had also made a fortune in social networking by inventing the #hastag, which has helped him live comfortably and in the life style he prefers. Till recently when he received a Tweet that was a blast from his past.

See Damon For RP Sample

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Tyler Banana Boat

</div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:450px; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:4px;'> THANKS TO LOUIS AT SHINE!</div>
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