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 Paint a picture with my hands, Tag Adrian
Thea Harington
 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 04:32 AM
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Thea was out walking Hale. The sun was up, the day was beautiful and she planed on making the most of it. She had a day off, that was a rare fate, if she wasn't in the hospital working a shift in the ER, she was running her own private practice, or doing something for the Mikalesons,that was usually magical related.

So today Thea was free from all of those things, and wanted to make the most of it. She was seeing Ethan later, which she was looking forward too. But until then she was making the most of her time to herself, it started in the morning she was able to relax in the sheer and take her time over her breakfast, and now it was her time to spend with Hale. She felt for the poor husky at times. She worked long hours. Adrian helped her out with him if she had to work longer. And to be honest the husky never seemed to mind and was always happy the second she came home. So today she was in and extra long walk with him to make up for the lost time.

She headed down to the docks, knowing Hale liked the water she thought she would take him down there for a treat and a splash about. He was off his leash, but that never bothered her, Thea carried one with her, but Hale was such a good dog he hardly needed one. He walked beside her and obeyed all she asked of him. Thea swore at times the husky dog was more human than dog.

Reaching the docks she moved down the small lane that lead to the water and picked up a stick ok boy! Go fetch, go knock yourself out she chuckled and threw the stick for him to run after! And he did quite happily, and brought it back to her. She threw it again, then kicked off her sandals and moved to let her feet paddle in the cool water that lapped against the shore, sparking in the morning sun.

Thea knew that some times her twin brother like to run, and at times he ran this path. She had run it with him a few times before. So she was hoping to catch him if he ran past. If not she'd make him lunch and head to the shop later for a catch up. Hale brought the stick back, Thea chuckled you are enjoying this way too much she grinned to him and this time threw the stick into the water! Laughing as the dog bounded in after it enjoying the water as it splashed up around him. your like a big kid she said with a shake of her head and Hale looked to her and barked as if he understood what she was saying and agreed.

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