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 Rebel Yell, Katherine, Open
Katherine Pierce
 Posted: Sep 24 2016, 12:44 AM
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Katherine had been rather blunt when answering Damon's question but the reality of it was if this went badly she knew she could simply compel him to forget this ever happened. She was curious though; curious as to how he would react to such a truth. He would probably think her mad but then she knew he couldn't deny what he had saw had been inhuman.

After a long silence he finally spoke asking why she hadn't compeled him and a smile spread across her lips. "Who says I won't" she said lifting her brows at him. "Maybe I just want to have an honest moment" she added softly furrowing her brows as he asked if she hurt them. "I told them to go to bed Damon now drown themselves in the lake" she practically scoffed taking in a breath before she let out a sigh. "No I didn't hurt them I hypnotized to speak..." she said reaching up she pushed back the loose strands that hung in her face.

She held up a hand when he apologized shaking her head; it wasn't as though she didn't understand his concern in fact he was taking the whole thing a lot better then she had expected; certainly better then his brother had.

When he thanked her a smiled played on her lips "Of course Damon...It was my fault you were out here I wasn't going to let you get in trouble for it" she said pressing her lips together as he questioned if she was going to compel him or not. "I'm not sure yet honestly" she mused making a face when he asked what she had meant by being a vampire. "You know....Grr.....Arrrgh" she said as black veins swept under her eyes for a moment before they turned back to brown.

She let a sigh leaning against the tree "I'm immortal...drink blood...I'm" she trailed off her gave up at the sky as she told Damon what she had meant by vampire.

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