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 T.O's & TVD's Show Resource, Reference/Catch-Up Resource
Abigail Horwits
 Posted: Jul 6 2016, 07:01 PM
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Reference Resource

Hey Guys!,

So I realize that some of our members are not caught up with the current season (perhaps even the past two?) and while I have no problem answering any show related questions you may have, I have come across a Youtube Ch that has uploaded the past 2 season's of both The Original's & The Vampire Diaries via clips which she has put in playlist by episode.

I know many of our members have to wait for some alternative source such as Hulu or Netflix to keep up with your shows so I thought this may be a great solution for those who have not caught up.

Also it's a great resource to look back on if you are caught up and may not remember every detail of the past few seasons. Or you simply love making videos and want accesses to this seasons clips. So if your interested click HERE and it will take you to the youtuber's page.

Hope this comes in handy!

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